An ode to a pandemic.


It was late November 2019. I was busy shuttling from my place to office. Customarily, I checked out the news for the day. I scrolled through random topics pertaining to the economic downturn, politics in the middle east, new movies releasing on the weekend etc. Just as I was beginning to quit the application, an alert news ticker stating a new...

Three things to say to yourself to live better.


Our brains are really the most powerful supercomputers we will ever have. We navigate our day, make our decisions, create and modify habits here. It is like our office, from where we operate our physical beings. Everyday when we wake up, we assume control of our faculties here. Similar to after a day’s work, we like to tune off; from here...

Shaping a better world

Just another professional aiming to change the world, one word at a time.